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Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our website. My name is Dannie Lee. I am the webmaster and content writer of www.chinatraveldiscovery. 2005 I graduated from University in Beijing and then take my first job in a travel company in Beijing China. After living in Beijing for 4 years, I go to Shanghai to find a new job there.

This site is my first travel site which has worked from 2009. My friends and I are travel lover. We will travel if we have free time. China is a great country for travelling. So we are going to try to provide you the basic facts and travel tips about China. I hope this site will help you a little if you are new to China. If there are something that we are wrong about the facts of China, just remind us and we will make our best to correct them.

I like travel very much. I think it is the best way to make our life interesting and valuable. In my spear time, I often write some interesting contents for my site. There are other content contributors for this site too. Here I will show my thanks for the one who contributes something to this site. The website is not finished yet. We are trying our best to provide you the most original information and resources on China travel. China travel discovery may not take any liability for any false information you see in the website.

China Travel Discovery is a only a personal website that provide some basic facts and travel guide in China. It is a free China guide provides comprhensive China information about China travel, China life, Chinese culture, Chinese history, and travel destinations guide. Here you will discover some useful facts and guide about China and the recent news in China. What we want to offer you is a real and great China. We are trying to discover the local culture and useful travel guides in China.

If you have any advices or suggestions on our site, please send your ideas to me by email. I will reply you as soon as possible.

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