Fattest man in China

About Liang Yong

In the Chongqing Safari Park, a passionate "African chieftain" made tourists burst into laughter with his funny performance. Tourists showed great interest in the fat on his body and considered that his obesity signifies wealth and rank and could not help touching him.

This "chieftain" is Liang Yong, known as the fattest man in China. He is 26 years old and weighs 210 kilos.  

Besides making 500 yuan (US$62.5) a day with his performance as chieftain, Liang also runs a Fat Man Tea House but the business of the tea house is not satisfactory.

When Liang was born, he weighed 5 kilos. His weight soared to 13.5 kilos six months later and surged to 50 kilos when he was six. He once had a record weight of 220 kilos. After Liang graduated from junior high school, his father took him to consult doctors all over China to cure his obesity. During their journey, they obtained help from kind-hearted people but also encountered frustrations.

In 2003, Liang and his father went to Fujian Province. In order to make enough money to treat his obesity, Liang once had to perform in a local entertainment club, stripped to the waist. At that time, the audience gave a lot of tips to him and some even tipped him 2,000 to 3,000 yuan (US$250 to US$375). However, his tips were withheld by his boss. In the end, Liang succeeded in losing weight in Fujian Province as his weight was controlled at 110 kilos and lived a relatively normal life. After his weight had been reduced, he met a woman who became his wife via his relatives. Nine months ago, the couple welcomed their son to the world.

Such a happy life also brought annoyance to Liang Yong because he gained 100 kilos in weight two years after he got married. At present, once he is available, he will pay a visit to the internet caf??nearby and talk with netizens about different ways to lose weight.

Liang indicated that he has to find a new job to support his family after finishing his performance as chieftain during the May Day holiday. "My present life goal is quite simple -- find a job to raise my family and reduce my weight," said Liang.