China Life Guide

China is a great country to reflect the most traditional culture of estern and the history of 5000 years of history of China. Learning the clothing people wear and food eaten by the Chinese people, discovery the traditional Chinese family relationship and experiencing the colorful Chinese festivals, Chinese marriage customs and Chinese funeral activity, explore the various housing developments and apartments for rent offered throughout the will discover a different China in every aspects of life. This is the real Chinese life. Lets discovery theChinese culture from the daily life of most common people.

China Life Discovery

Chinese Clothing

Chinese clothing means the clothing worn by the Chinese people. It varied by region and time. Different regions may have different style and custom in wearing clothes. The north people may wear the long and thick ones while the southern Chinese would like wear the modern and shot suites. But the traditional Chinese clothing is broadly referred to as hanfu with many variations such as traditional Chinese academic dress. Depending on one's status in society, each social class had a different sense of fashion. In ancient China, Chinese civil or military officials used a variety of codes to show their rank and position. The most recognized is the Mandarin square or rank badge. Read More

Chinese Food

Chinese food was originated in China and becme more and more popular and famous in the world nowdays. In recent years, connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine have also sprouted in Eastern Europe and South Asia. American Chinese cuisine and Indian Chinese cuisine are prominent examples of Chinese cuisine that has been adapted to suit local palates. China is such a vast country that differernt regions may have its own and featured cuisines. There are famous eight traditional regional cuisines. They are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang cuisine. They are belone to Western Cuisine, North Cuisine and Eastern cuisines. In Modern times, Beijing Cuisine and Shanghai Cuisine are also very popular. Read More

Chinese House and Family

Family plays an important role in the common people's life. In ancient Chinese famly, there are many members in one family. A big farmliy was considered to have a trong and respected position. People believed to have more children to become a harmounious family. The four generations in one family became very popular in ancient China. In traditional Chinese family, the yong should respect and follow the instruction fo the elder. Aganst the elder will be considered as a rude and impolite behaviour. Wife should be listened to the Husband in every way and can not betraced her husband and family. The son will take the whole responsibility to support parents. Read More

China Public Transport

In the early of People's Republic of China, Bike is the most popular tool for public transport. Almost every family will have one or two bikes for shopping or visiting friends or relatives. Today, China has changed a lot and people's life style has changed too. Fewer and fewer peoplel go to work by bike. Instead, bus and trains became the most popular ways to traveling. Rich or the middle class peple will have their own cars or travel by air. But there are still many bicycle users in every streets of city. In the mountainous area, you will see peasants there still use horse or bull to carried their harvest rice or corn. But people life changed every day. More and more people will buy their cars or travel by planes. Read More

Chinese Festivals

There are many traditional Chinese festivals in China including The Spring Festival, The Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Festival of Qi Xi, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Nineth Festival, Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice Festival) and other Ethnic Group Festivals. The most famous ones may be the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and the Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese Moon Festival). During the festival, Chinese family members will come home to celebrate with their parents or relatives. Especially the Chinese New Year, millions of migrant worker come home to celebrate the festival with family. Thus the famous phenomenon of Spring Move come to reality. Trains and buses were the busies in this time. Read More

China Entertainments

In ancient China, there are few ways to entertain in common people's life. The most popular way to entertain is to see the opera. Famous of them are Beijing Opera, Sichuan Opera and Yue Opera. There were no films and no TV programs in that time. But great change in people's entertainment life since the establish of People's republic of China. Especially in the age of Deng Xiaoping, People's live changed too much that one can not believe in the early days. Every family has color TV and Radio. In 1980s, Chinese entertainments were focus in Hong Kong. Hundreds of film stars or singer come from Hong Kong and get fame in the mainland of China. Nowdays, more and more local Chinese entered. Read More

China Education

China made great development in people's education since the establishment of People's Republic of China. Education of China was run by the national Education Ministry. Every citizen in China have to attend the school for nine years which was call the Nine Year Education System. It was made up of primary education and secondary education. The primary education stars at the age of six, which lasted for six years. After the primary education, students go the secondary school which lasted for three years or four years. When they graduated from Secondary School, students can continue to go to the High scholl for three years when they have passed the final examination. High school students can go to university when they graduated and pass the College entrence Examination. Read More

China Sports

In aceint China, people learned martial arts to keep fit and strong. Even now, many Chinese people learn Taiji, Kungfu to keep fit and strong. The physical fitness was considered very important in Chinse life and culture. Since the establishment of People's Republic of China, Sports have developed quickly in every aspects. Many famous sports stars go abroad to take part in the international macth and win many fames for China and Chinese people. In 2008, the 18th Summer Oympic Games was held in Beijing from August 8th to 24th. A total of 11,028 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) competed in 302 events in 28 sports. China was the first pride to win most medals including 51 Golden Medal and 21 silver and 28 bronze medals. Read More

China Shopping

China has became the biggest consumer market in the world. Billions of RMB (Chinese Yen) were spent for shopping and marketing. More and more famous brand come into Chinese market and seize the market. More and more Chinese brand go abroad to earn more foreign cash too. In big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, shopping is very popular in these cities. There are millions of domestic and international travelers coming and going into these cities. They are also the most modern and popular tourist city in China. Shopping in China has changed a lot since the open and reform system in China. More and more Chinese people get their daily food in the super markets. Read More

Chinese Dating and Romance

Want to find a Chinese wife in China or just become a Chinese husband living in China. Here is some information or tips for you to learn something about Chinese love and romance. There are big differences in the dating culture between the Chinese culture and the western and American cutlure. People in love wil not tell each other directly. The don't say "I love You" often in their daily life. When you are dating a girl for the first time, don't expect to give her a kiss or holding her hand to walk together. Chinese culture may consider this impolite or pornographic. When you dating a Chinese girl, just send her some beautiufl flower or buy a elegant gift to her. She will be very happy if you care his family members.Read More

Chinese Marriage

Marriage is consider as the most important acitivity in Chinese people life. For many family, they spend one year or two to prepare the marriage for the brde and bridegroom. In traditional China family, the Bridegroom should sent some valuable or expensive gift to the bride's home and give some money to her parants and family. This was called the respect to the parants of the bride. The bride and groom will begin to decorated their marriage house befor the marriage celebration. They will invite all of the friends and family relatives to take part in their marriage acitivity, including a big dinner and seeing the marriage house as well as playing games or play tricks on the bride or bridegroom, which in Chinese call Nao Dongfang. Read More

Chinese Funeral

As the Marriage, the funeral is considered as very important in people live. When there was a family member died, they wil invite all the frinds and family members or relatives to condole the members died. In some countryside of China, people will invite a condole team who will play some sad music to condole the passer. The relatives will confort the family who lose the family members. There many differences in the city and countryside. In City they will go to the funeral parlour to condole the dead and have no more acitivity. In countryside of China, people from the same village will come together to cook and eat together in the noon and everyone become normal life after the dead was buried. Read More