General Introduction to Sanya

Sanya CitySanya is located on the southernmost tip of Hainan Province. Covering an area of 1919.58 square kilometers (about 741 square miles) with 209.1 kilometers (about 130 miles) long coastline, Sanya has many beautiful beaches and coastal natural spots. Possessing a number of excellent harbors, Sanya is an important port for import and export of trade with foreign countries. Therefore, Sanya is also named the 'South Gate of China' to stress its importance while it plays a vital role in the life of the southern part of China in areas of the economy and politics to transportation.

The ancient name of Sanya is Yazhou (literally means cliff state). Its history can be dated back to Qin Dynasty (221 BC – 206 BC, more than 2,200 years ago). Since then, it is always within the territory of the following dynasties of China. Being the tropical Ultima Thule of China, it is so remote from the capital of China. Therefore it is always called Tianyahaijiao, which means the end of the sky and ocean in Chinese. Some prime ministers in various dynasties were here in exile and an enlightened monk named Jiangzhen accidentally sailed here and used this place as one of his harbors for his long Buddhism-missionary journey to Japan.



Sanya Weather and Climate

Sanya’s climate lies at a transition point between a humid subtropical climate and a tropical wet and dry climate. Sanya is roughly on the same latitude as the island of Hawaii, featuring very warm weather all year around. It features relatively lengthy wet seasons and relatively short dry seasons. The city’s wet season is between the months of April through November, while the dry season covers the remaining four months. The daily average temperature is 25.4 °C (77.7 °F) and annual rainfall is around 1,630 millimetres (64 in).

Top Ten Attactions in Sanya

In the last years Sanya developed to become a getaway from Hong Kong and a relaxing place for extending a holiday without a long trip back home. The first international Resort hotel was opened and managed by Swiss hotelier N.C. Solari in 1999, in Yalong Bay. Presently, international hotel chains have established in what is becoming a world-known destination, especially following the Miss World beauty pageant in Crowne Plaza, a hotel along Yalong Bay. The resort in Sanya Bay, the Palm Beach Resort and Spa welcomed the first Miss China beauty pageant in modern times. The organizer Julia Morley was decided by Sanya to welcome the international pageant the following year.


Tianya Haijiao Tianya Haijiao

Asian Dragon Bay Asian Dragon Bay

 Wuzhizhou Island Wuzhizhou Island

Nanshan TempleNanshan Temple

 Dadonghai Dadonghai

Luhuitou Peninsula  Luhuitou Peninsula

 Monkey Island Monkey Island

Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

Sanya Bay Sanya Bay



Sanya Public Transport

Sanya is a famous tourist city in China. There are many airlines from and to Sany from most of the cities in mainland China. You can also travel to Sanya by trains, buses, boats. In the city, there are many ways to get around, such as buses, taxi, motor bike and so on.


Sanya Public Transport By Air

Sanya Public Transport By Trains

Sanya Public Transport By Bus

Sanya Public Transport By Taxi

Sanya Public Transport By Bike

Sanya Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Sanya

Sanya is a pop tourist destinations. There are many luxry hotels in Sanya. Here are some of the hotels we recommended. Please contact us if you want to book the hotels.


Ritz-Carlton Hotel Sanya Ritz-Carlton Hotel Sanya

Hilton Sanya Resort & SpaHilton Sanya Resort & Spa

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Sanya Mandarin Oriental Hotel Sanya

Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa

Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay

 Aegean Conifer Suites Resort SanyaAegean Conifer Suites Resort Sanya

18 Degrees Blue Holiday House 18 Degrees Blue Holiday House

Mangrove Tree Resort Mangrove Tree Resort

 Sheraton Sanya Resort Sheraton Sanya Resort

Resort Horizon Resort Horizon


Famous Food in Sanya

Sanya's abundant, pollution-free seafood resources are attributed to the bounteous South Sea which encircles this city. Abalone, sea cucumbers and sea urchins are three kinds of rare seafood in Sanya. In addition, shrimps, crabs, fresh fish, trumpet shells and other exotic foods are common dishes served in any star-rated and common restaurant in Sanya. Fresh is the most accurate word to describe the seafood of Sanya.


 Sanya foodAbalone

Sanya Food Hele crab

Sanya Food  Bamboo tube food

Sanya Food The-Nada-dog-meat

Sanya Food  Shark fin

Sanya Food Trepang

Sanya Food   Red snapper fish

Sanya Food   Pig intestines powder


Top Ten Restaurants in Sanya

There are many local restaurants on the both street of Sanya. You can easily find a local restaurants providing the traditional Sanya food. Here are some best selected restaurants.


Sanya restaurants Rainbow Bar and Grill

Sanya Restaurant Big Kitchen

 Sanya Restaurant  Di Yi Shi Chang and Chun Yuan (Lv Liu Ju)

 Sanya Restaurant  Vietnamese Food

Sanya Restaurant Fu Yu Seafood

Sanya Restaurant Ming Yu Seafood

Sanya Restaurant Chatterbox Cafe

Sanya Restaurant Dongbeiwang Jiudian



Things to Do in Sanya

Bordered by clear sea, Hainan Island's Sanya is an ideal place for water entertainment. Besides tasting fresh seafood and enjoying exotic natural beauties, you must try exciting water sports, such as diving, walking on the seafloor, and surfing. Among them, the various kinds of diving are most popular with visitors, since Sanya is the best diving resort in the world. In addition, Wuzhizhou Island is the top zone for diving where water visibility can reach 27 meters (88.6 feet). Various water entertainments include the following:

Things to Do in Sanya Skin diving

  Things to Do in SanyaShore diving

Sanya pubs and bars Boat diving

Sanya nightlifeNight diving

Sanya barsSemi-diving sightseeing boat

Sanya barsFishing

Sanya barsmassage and medicure

Sanya barsYanoda Rainforest

Sanya bars Nanshan Park




Sanya Shopping

Along with its bright sunshine, Sanya can bring you an adventure in shopping. Surrounded by blue water on three sides, the city teems with a multitude of sea products that make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives. Fresh seafood sold at a reasonable price is a most attractive purchase for visitors from both China and abroad. You can also buy pretty decorations and handicrafts made of shells or trumpet shells: a gift from the sea. Perhaps, however, it is more diverting to pick up some unique shells and trumpet shells along the beautiful beaches of Sanya by yourself.

Sanya shopping sea food

Sanya shoppingtrumpet

Sanya shopping trumpet shells

Sanya shopping coral


Sanya shopping pearl

Sanya shopping crystal

Sanya shopping jewels




Sanya Travel Tips

1. The best time to visit Sanya is Autumn and Winter.

2. Haikou is the capital city of Hainan province.

3. Hainan is developing the International Tourism Island.