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China Travel DiscoveryChina Travel Discovery is a free China guide provides comprhensive China information about travel, life, culture, history, and news. Here you will discover the interesting facts about China and the news that happen in every corner of China. What we want to offer is different from the other websites. We are trying to discovery the most local culture and history.


We are a local website that write any contents about China. What we want to provide is the real facts and stories in China. Learn a simple facts and a new song in China. Care about the life of a common Chinese is our mission. Learn from the most common people and write their stories and news. We are doing our best to give a fascinating China and the colorful face of common Chinese.


If you have a new idea about the China travel discovery, you can send your content to us at chinatraveldiscovery@yahoo.com or chinatraveldiscovery@gmail.com, our editor will respond you as soon as possible.


We are not a big team but we do our best to read through the whole China and get the most interesting facts and stories to your foreign friends to get the basic of Chinese culture and history. We love China and its culture. We are paying much attention to make this country a good and best destination of the world. We are improving our wrting ability every day to fullfill the reader of internet. We have to do our best to write the real life of Chinese people. They are the most valuable resources for us to discover their life and stories.

You don't have to come China to learn from the chinese culture. Click China Travel Discovery and find the real China and its rich culture and history.