Guangdong Province Guide

General Introduction to Guangdong Province

Guangdong ProvinceLocated in the South of China, Guangdong is the most developed province in China. Guangdong has the longest coastline in China. There is 3,368 kilometers (1,300 miles) of winding coastline. With a total area of 180,000 square kilometers, Guangdong has population 79 million permanent residents and 31 million migrants. There is Guangxi to the west, Sichuan to the south, Hunan and Jiangxi to the North.


Guangdong Province, with its capital Guangzhou, is a metropolis in China. It is also the political, cultural and economical center of Guangdong Province.



Best Time to Go Guangdong

Guangdong has a subtropical climate. Summer can be sweltering hot and wet. Typhoon hit this province frequently in summer and autumn. Annual rainfall averages nearly 1500-2000 millimeters and annual temperature averages 19C - 26C. So the best time for travelers to Guangdong is in spring and autumn.


What to See in Guangdong Province

Guangdong is rich in historical sites and natural landscape. There are four famous mountains in Guangdong Province. They are Danxia Mountain in the north, Xiqiao Mountain at the South China Sea, Luofu Mountain in Boluo and the Dinghu Mountain in Zhaoqing. Famous attractions are including Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Yuexiu Park, White Cloud Mountain (Baiyun Shan) and the Pearl River.


Top Ten Cities in Guangdong Province

There are many cities in Guangdong province. The capital city of Guangdong is Guangzhou. It is also the political and cultural center of Guangdong province. It is the largest city in the South China.


Shenzhen cityShenzhen City

Dongguan CityDongguan City

FoshanFoshan City

HuizhouHuizhou City

Jiangmen   Jiangmen City

Maoming Maoming City

Meizhou Meizhou City

 Shantou Shantou City


Guangdong Travel Tips

1.As for the Xiqiao Mountain, you could take a bus from the Fangcun Bus Station of Guangzhou to reach there directly in 1.5 hours.

2.At Guangzhou East Train Station, you could take the city-bus 841 to get to Shujing Town directly.

3.when you arrive at HK Airport, please take the bus A21 to its terminal at Hung Hom Train Station.

4. It will be very urgently to visit these four places in 5 days. If possible, please dele Guangzhou. So when you arrive in Hong Kong, you could spend one day to Macau and Shenzhen respectively, and get back at night on the same.