Inner Mongolia Province Guide

General Introduction to Inner Mongolia Province

Inner Mongolia ProvinceThe Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located in the North of China. Neighboring Mongolia to the north, it is the largest province in China. Many ethnic groups are living in this area including Mongolian, Daur, Oroqen, Ewenki, Hui, Han, Korea and Manchu. Covering an area of 1.1 million square kilometers, Inner Mongolia has a population of 24 million.


Inner Mongolia Province, with its capital Hohhot is a well known province for its excellent education. Wuhan is also the political, cultural and economical center of Inner Mongolia Province.



Best Time to Go to Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia has a harsh climate. The summer is warm and very short. Winter of Inner Mongolia is very cold and will last for a long time. The main feature of the climate here is that the different in temperature between days and nights is very big, so tourists should wear layer of clothes when traveling here.


What to See in Inner Mongolia Province

Inner Mongolia has peculiar scenery and brilliant culture. There are many famous historical and cultural sites in the province. Famous attractions are including Wudangzhao Monastery, Dazhao Temple, Zhaojun Tomb, Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda.


Top Ten Cities in Inner Mongolia Province

Inner Mongolia is becoming more and more popular in travel destination in China. More and more people coming to the province to enjoy the grassland and horse activity. Here are some cities recommended to visti in Inner Mongolia.


Banyannur cityBanyannur City

Baotou cityBaotou City

Chifeng cityChifeng City

Hulunbeier cityHulunbeier City

Ordos cityOrdos City

Tongliao  cityTongliao City

Wuhai cityWuhai City

Wulanchabu cityWulanchabu City

Xilingol  cityXilingol City


Inner Mongolia Travel Tips

1. The best time to visit Hohhot is Summer and Spring. Winter is very cold and windy.

2. Hohhot is the capital city of Inner Mongolia. Mongolian are the major ethnic group there.

3. Grassland are the top reason to attract the tourist from Home and abroad..

4. The famous Zhaojun Tomb is located in Inner Mongolia. There are many historical temple or tombs in the place.