Jilin Province Guide

General Introduction to Jilin Province

Jilin ProvinceJilin is located in the central section of China's northeast region. Bordering Heilongjiang to the north, Liaoning to the south, Inner Mongolia on the west and North Korea on the east, Jilin has a total area of 190,000 square kilometers and a total population of 27.3 million. Because its uniqure location in the north of China, Jilin has the best sking resorts and winter sports sites.


Jilin Province, with its capital Changchun is a well known province for its winter snow scenery. Changchun is also the political, cultural and economical center of Jilin Province.



Best Time to Go to Jilin

Jilin has a continental monsoon climate. Winter is long and cold while the summer is warm and short. The temperatures of January range from -20 to -14°C. If you want to experience the snow and ice, you can choose to travel Jilin in winter. The best time to visit Jilin depends on what do you like.


What to See in Jilin Province

In Jilin you can not only see the beautiful snow and ice scenery, but also see some famous mountains, such as Changbaishan. Changbaishan is a nature reserve which has tigers, deer, black bears, leopards, and sable among the more than 200 varieties of wildlife living in the undisturbed forests.


Top Ten Cities in Jilin Province

There are many cities in Jilin province. You can choose some to visit if you have more time. Changchun is the capital city of Jilin. Other cities are the following:


Baicheng cityBaicheng City

Jilin cityJilin City

Liaoyuan cityLiaoyuan City

Siping citySiping City

Songyuan citySongyuan City

Tonghua  cityTonghua City

Yanbian cityYanbian City


Jilin Travel Tips

1. Winter of Jilin is cold and long. Take more clothes if you travel in the winter.

2. Changbaishan is a good place to visit. Go with a local guide.

3.Pu Yi, the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, lived in Chang Chun, the capital city of Jilin, in an Imperial Palace of Manchu State for 14 years (1931 - 1945).

4. Changchun is a famous film city in China, producing many well known movies in China.