General Introduction to Shanghai expo

Shanghai expo 2010Duration: May 1 to Oct 31, 2010

Location: between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge along both sides of the Huangpu River

Theme: Better City, Better Life

Expo 2010 will be held in the city of Shanghai, China from May 1 to October 31, 2010 and is a scheduled World Expo in the tradition of international fairs and expositions. The theme of the exposition will be "Better City – Better Life" and signifies Shanghai's new status in the 21st century as a major economic and cultural center . It is expected to generate the largest number of visitors in the history of the world's fairs in terms of gross numbers. The expo Logo features the Chinese character 世 ('world') modified to represent three people together with the 2010 date.

Shanghai Weather Forecast

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate (Koppen climate classification Cfa) and experiences four distinct seasons. In winter, cold northerly winds from Siberia can cause nighttime temperatures to drop below freezing, although most years there are only one or two days of snowfall. Summer in Shanghai is very warm and humid, with occasional downpours or freak thunderstorms. The city is also susceptible to typhoons, none of which in recent years has caused considerable damage. The most pleasant seasons are Spring, although changeable, and Autumn, which is generally sunny and dry. Shanghai experiences on average 1,878 hours of sunshine per year, with the hottest temperature ever recorded at 40 °C (104 °F), and the lowest at −12 °C (10.4 °F). The average number of rainy days is 112 per year, with the wettest month being June. The average frost-free period is 276 days.


Top Ten Attactions in Shanghai

Shanghai is an international metro-polis which attracts millions of tourists from home and aboroad. There are many places of interest in and around Shanghai. Sightseeing in Shanghai combines beautiful modern city and rich heritage of ancient Chinese culture. Here are some top sites to visit in Shanghai.

Forbidden City BeijingThe Bund

Tiananmen Square BeijingOriental Pearl TV Tower

Chairman Mao's Memorial BeijingYuyuan Garden

Temple of Heaven BeijingShanghai Museum

Badaling Great Wall BeijingNanjing Road

Ming Dynasty Tombs BeijingJade Buddha Temple

Beihai Parks BeijingXin Tian Di

Summer Palace BeijingZhujiajiao

Beijing Fragrant HillJin Mao Tower

Hutongs in Beijing Wild Animal Zoo



Shanghai Public Transport

Shanghai has an extensive public transport system, largely based on buses, trolleybuses, taxis, and a rapidly expanding metro system. All of these public transport tools can be accessed using the Shanghai Public Transportation Card, which uses radio frequencies so the card does not have to physically touch the scanner.


Guilin Public Transport By Air

Guilin Public Transport By Trains

Guilin Public Transport By Bus

Guilin Public Transport By Car

Guilin Public Transport By Subway

Guilin Public Transport By Bike

Guilin Public Transport By Motorbike

Guilin Public Transport By Boats


Top Ten Shanghai Hotels Lists

Shanghai is the most developed city in China. There are thousands of fine hotels receiving millions of tourists from home and abroad. You can find a hotel easily through the map or internet. You may also find one by calling the local service number. The hotel rate will range from higher to lower. But compare to other cities in China, the price is much higher than other cities.


Forbidden City BeijingHotel Carolina

Tiananmen Square BeijingSan Want Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingAsset Hotel Shanghai


Tiananmen Square BeijingSt. Regis Shanghai

Tiananmen Square BeijingPudong Shangri-La Shanghai


Tiananmen Square BeijingThe Eton Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingJW Marriott Hotel Shanghai

Tiananmen Square BeijingJIA Shanghai Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingLe Royal Meridien Shanghai

Tiananmen Square BeijingGrand Hyatt Shanghai



Shanghai Food

Shanghai does not have a definitive cuisine of its own, but modifies those of the surrounding provinces (mostly from adjacent Jiangsu and Zhejiang coastal provinces). What can be called Shanghai cuisine is epitomized by the use of alcohol. Fish, eel, crab, and chicken are "drunken" with spirits and are briskly cooked/steamed or served raw. Salted meats and preserved vegetables are also commonly used to adjuntify the dish.

The use of sugar is common in Shanghainese cuisine, especially when used in combination with soy sauce. Non-natives tend to have difficulty identifying this usage of sugar and are often surprised when told of the "secret ingredient". The most notable dish of this type of cooking is "sweet and sour spare ribs" ("tangcu xiaopai" in Shanghainese).


Top Ten Shanghai restaurants Lists

Shanghai food is one of the famous Chinese food. There are many characteristics in Shanghai dining. As the locals in Shanghai put it, 'Blessed are those born in Shanghai as they have the most chances to taste delicious food'. Shanghai Cuisine is not one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China but is a choice blend of the most appealing aspects of these other national styles of food. Also, Shanghai's chefs are always ready to adopt the best aspects of foreign cuisines and make them their own. Therefore, it may be safely said that you can enjoy all the best food from home and abroad for all budgets when in Shanghai.

Forbidden City Beijing El Willy

Tiananmen Square Beijing M on the Bund

Tiananmen Square Beijing Cheng Long Hang Xie Wang Fu

Tiananmen Square Beijing Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai

Tiananmen Square Beijing Crystal Jade


Tiananmen Square Beijing T8 Restaurant and Bar

Tiananmen Square Beijing Brasil Steak House

Tiananmen Square Beijing Din Tai Fung

Tiananmen Square Beijing Des Lys

Tiananmen Square Beijing Guyi Hunan Restaurant

Shanghai expo Nightlife

Night life in Shanghai is gentle and colorful because life here is much more than life itself. It is elegant. The scenery at night has to be seen and the Bund is a must. The ornate classical and modern buildings take on a new and exciting look as they are lit up by an abundance of colored lights. Looking across the Huangpu River to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower is a magical sight.


Shanghai expo Shopping

The term "market" is flexible, and in Shanghai, it applies to vendors selling virtually the same thing all under one roof, or in one open section of space. Unlike the Western sense of competition, the Chinese believe that if you are all selling the same thing, you'll attract more customers. Fair enough. Indeed, this makes life easy for the shopper. Want pearls? Go to the pearl market. Want fabric? Go to the fabric market. Want crickets? You guessed it, go to the cricket market. Just remember your bargaining skills! You'll need them in the markets of Shanghai.


Shanghai expo Travel Tips

During the Expo, services to visitors include information inquiry, deposit of personal articles, visits reservation, renting, tour guide, lost children information and other services to those with special needs.

Site shopping: Licensed products of Expo 2010 include precious metals, toys, accessories, ceramics, bags, sports equipment, lottery tickets, food and personal care products, among others. They are on sale at the retail shops of the public area inside the Expo site.

Expo site catering: Restaurants inside the Expo site offer fast food, classic Chinese and overseas cuisine, bread, vegetarian food, coffee and snacks, among others. The Catering Center on the west side of the Expo Boulevard is the Expo's largest catering area.

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